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Primer keeps your makeup in place all day.  One of the most important products for makeup application, yet virtually undiscovered.  Primer minimizes the appearance of fine lines, smoothes skin texture and keeps your foundation in place all day.

Smooth over skin after applying protection Cell C product with SPF 20.  

BeautiControl offers 4 colors to choose from:

  • yellow – for black or blue undertones such as under the eyes

  • mint – helps tone down ruddy (reddish) skin

  • mauve – warms up sallow (yellow undertones) skin

  • natural – for all skin tones – a best seller



Foundation minimizes imperfections and balances your skin’s tone and texture.

BeautiControl offers 3 types of foundations:

  • liquid (SA undercover makeup) – hides imperfections, gives skin a smooth flawless look. Oil Free.  For all skin types
  • crème (crème to powder) – turns to a matte powder when applied.  Oil Free.  For dry and combination skin.
  • crème – excellent coverage with matte finish.  For dry and combination skin.
  • wet/dry (perfecting wet/dry) – foundation and powder in one offering 3 application choices.  Apply dry for natural look or damp for heavier coverage.  Use during the day as a powder.  Oil Free.  For oily and combination skin. – a best seller


What is your perfect shade?

Your perfect shade should disappear like a second skin.  Choose shades that appear closest to your skin tone and apply to your jaw line; if your skin tone is uneven, apply beneath your cheek.  The one that is most undetectable is your exact match.  I can assist you with matching your perfect shade. 



Concealer provides extra coverage where you need it most – pimples, under eye circles, brown spots and scars.  Choose a shade that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone and always apply it over foundation with a concealer brush for more specific coverage.  Warm on your hand prior to application makes for easier blending.

BeautiControl has 3 types to choose from:

  • SA coverup – light deflecting particles for youthful glow.  Oil Free.  Dab liquid on and let dry, don’t blend too much.
  • SA maximum coverage – hides imperfections and discolorations like freckles or red spots.  Thick like pancake makeup.  Personal favorite!
  • Extra help concealer – oil based for drier skin types. 



Loose and pressed powder set makeup for all day wear and dries up shiny spots so skin glows.  For all skin types but can make dry skin appear more dry.  Dust or pat over foundation and concealer.


BeautiControl offers both:

  • SA pressed powder – blends makeup for smooth, silky matte finish.  Contains light deflecting particles.  Great for oily skin.

  • Loose perfecting powder – sets foundation for sheer matte finish.  For all skin types.  Oil Free.



Tri-Color Bronzing powders give skin a shimmering, radiant, beautiful sun-kissed tone.  Use alone, over foundation or in place of blush.


BeautiControl offers 2 colors:

  • Bronzed  - blend bronze and gold to give skin a natural tan look

  • Beach – blend pink and bronze to give skin a fresh-faced glow.


Shadow Control Crème:

Shadow Control Crème prevents eye shadow from creasing and fading.


Freeze Eye Liner:

Freeze Eye Liner transfer and fade resistant.



  • Licensed to fill lip primer apply before lip color to fill lines and create illusion of fuller lipsControls bleeding and lip color lasts longer.

  • lip shaping pencil – choose a color to match your lipstick.  Apply along natural line or completely cover lips to help lip color last even longer.  Prevents color bleeding. 

  • color duos – transfer resistant lip color and lip liner in one.

  • lip gloss – apply alone or over lip color.


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