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BeautiControl offers brush sets – contact me for details.

Q:  What are the advantages of using a foundation brush?

A:  With a foundation brush, you can:

  • Blend the product into your skin more evenly
  • Be more precise in applying the foundation
  • Enjoy a more flawless looking finish

Q:  Aren’t my fingers or a sponge just as effective to apply foundation?

A:  No.  Your fingers tend to lay the foundation on the skin’s surface and sponges too often absorb the foundation, wasting a good deal of the product.

Q:  How is the best way to use the foundation brush?

A:  After you’ve applied your moisturizer (or Cell Block C), just dip the brush into a small amount of the product.  Then sweep the brush along your face, blending evenly into your skin.  Use long, strokes on the side of your face, cheeks, bridge of the nose and forehead.  Use shorter, quicker strokes for smaller and harder to reach areas, such as around your mouth and chin.  Blend outward toward the edges of your face.  Avoid excessive blending at the hairline and jaw line. 


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