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My BeautiControl story

I have been a BeautiControl consultant for 26 years and because of the many wonderful experiences I've had, it will be a part of my life forever.

I first was introduced to BeautiControl in the late 80s when color analysis was all the rage. The girls in the office and I attended a complimentary color analysis clinic, I found out I am winter. We learned about our personal color palettes, how to apply make-up properly, as well as the "whats", "hows", and "whys" of skin-care and anti-aging products. I liked the way the products made my face look and feel as well as the personal attention I was receiving in the privacy of a friend’s home. We had so much fun that night that the 8 people in attendance and I all bought the “I deserve it all” set, because we did (and still do).

Looking around that room, I saw 8 excited and soon-to-be loyal BeautiControl customers who would be ordering products again in a few months, and who were right in my own office. For me, signing up as a consultant that was a no-brainer! In those days it cost $500 to join and the training was 3 days in another town. I LOVED IT! I knew I had found my calling.

In some ways, my life changed that night, I found myself transforming from a shy computer geek to a more confident, sociable, and fashionable computer geek. As time passed, and I grew with BeautiControl, my new-found business has grown with me, and kept up (or helped cause) every change in my life. Sometimes it had a large presence and others it didn’t. Right now I am using the income from my business to help pay for my son’s college tuition. I also intend to use this business to subsidize my retirement from corporate America. I love the way this company appreciates me and makes me feel special. They actually send thank you notes for doing your job.

I have made life-long friends through BeautiControl, not only here in my home town, but across the country as well. I still have those first 8 friends as customer's but I also have been very fortunate to have met thousands of more friends because of BeautiControl, many of whom are now enjoying the same lifestyle as I. Along with great friends, as a consultant, I also enjoy being an "insider" with BeautiControl. I  love learning about the products; how they are made, what they do, and how they work. When I use the products myself, I feel more confident with what I'm putting on my skin, no more relying on a magazine ad in telling me which product is best! Our research institute is the greatest! I like the fact that we have patented products that are leading edge. I know I can count on BeautiControl to produce high-quality, safe, and effective products that give me amazing results.

I turned 40 a few years ago when my skin decided to breakout like a teenager but with BeautiControl keeping abreast of the market they had already developed products that took care of adult-acne without sacrificing my skin's need for moisture.

I also am proud of the way BeautiControl gives back to the community. Through the WHO foundation, a portion of the proceeds from select products is donated to WHO (as well as client and consultant contributions). Every year, they pick several organizations that assist women and children in programs that are not funded by the government. The programs that receive WHO donations have all been nominated by fellow consultants, and are recognized as valuable life-changing programs within their communities.

If I had to use one phrase that describes how I feel about my association with BeautiControl... I suppose that I would say that it is just plain fun! I love to help people feel good about themselves and being able to make my client’s lives easier by being their personal shopper. What better reward than to have a client call to say “Jill, I need a new blush pick something out” and then receiving the follow-up call – “I love it, it is exactly what I wanted!”?  I keep a record of all my client’s likes and dislikes so I can give them personalized service, like I said, it's just plain fun!

My goal is to be your spa consultant for life!

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Jill B. Densonn

 (281) 381-9085

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