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When my web designer began asking me about this page's content, despite how excited I am about BeautiControl, this was the most difficult page for me to put together.


FAQ's (frequently asked questions)

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You see, I've been with BeautiControl for more than 26 years, and as such, I've seen a great number of changes, met so many new friends, and have seen a staggering number of wonderful new products developed.


I know the "ins and outs" of the business, why BeautiControl works on a personal level, and why it succeeds (for a working mother like myself) on a "home business" level... I know why I'm a loyal customer, and why my friends (who were with me at my very first meeting) are still with me today.


Because of all this, you'd think this page would be the easiest right? Wrong! When you are as excited about something after 26 years as I am about BeautiControl (and my hubby), you want tell everyone, everything you can! So... I did... and 27 pages later, he made me do it again... but this time, as if I was speaking to a friend (which now you are).


In a nutshell, BeautiControl has remained a part of my life because of their high quality products, because of the recognition I receive when I accomplish a goal, and because of the continued support I receive from not only my customers, my team, and BeautiControl, but also because of how much my family has truly welcomed BeautiControl into our family life, and how they support me in my efforts.


Because of BeautiControl, our family has been able to achieve financial goals a little sooner than we might have, and things like paying for college tuition, or having a little bit more fun on our vacations have all been a part of the BeautiControl life.


What ever your personal or financial goals in life are, I would love to show you an exciting and amazingly fun way to achieve them. Call me, email me, or click the link below to find all of the information you need to get started today!


To join now, simply click the "Get Started" link below which will take you to my official BeautiControl website, then follow the "Opportunity" link at the top of the page and then click on "Start Now". It's really easy! I'm looking forward to showing you how much fun and rewarding your own personal business can be!


Interested in being a BeautiControl Independent Consultant? Visit me, your BeautiControl Independent Consultant:


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Jill B. Densonn

 (281) 381-9085

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