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Enjoy a home spa experience for yourself!

Whether you need to rid yourself of your every day stress, feel your makeup routine needs updating, need help reducing the effects of aging or just need some occasional pampering during those very rare "quiet times" in your life,

BeautiControl and I are here to help.


BeautiControl offers Spa Quality products that are designed specifically to help you recharge and rejuvenate after particularly stressful times.


BeautiControl Offers:

I have been a BeautiControl consultant for 26 years and because of the many wonderful experiences I've had, it will be a part of my life forever.

I first was introduced to BeautiControl in the late 80s when color analysis was all the rage. The girls in the office and I attended a complimentary color analysis clinic. We learned about our personal  - more

  • Skin Care products that take an innovative personalized approach.

  • Bath and Body formulas that are formulated with rejuvenating minerals designed to make you feel pampered from head to toe.

  • Cosmetics that not only utilize the latest formulas to work with your specific skin tones but also include more true color

    pigments to help you achieve a more true color that prevent color dragging and acknowledge market trends.

  • Body Contour creams to help you achieve a more youthful smoother skin tone.

  • Manicure creams created with Dead Sea minerals that help you gently exfoliate dead skin cells while using natural oils to nourish, moisturize and help protect your hands.

  • So much more!

From a luxurious bath to a night on the town, BeautiControl offers an amazing line of products that offer you a richly deserved break from daily stresses. Learn safe and  effective alternatives to Microderm Abrasion, Chemical Peels and other much used treatments in the privacy of your own home, or invite a few friends and spend an afternoon relaxing together and sharing a few laughs.


BeautiControl also offers the opportunity to earn a primary, or additional income with one of the most generous earning plans that works completely around your lifestyle. During what is truly recognized as one of the most comprehensive and motivating training programs in the country, you will not only learn how to achieve your dreams, but you will do so in an uplifting and positive environment that will recognize your efforts, and celebrate your achievements. Who knew that bath and body could be so much fun and so rewarding?


It's your life, take control and let us help you realize your personal dreams!


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Jill B. Densonn

 (281) 381-9085

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